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The Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta has decided to enforce the Community Activity Restriction (PPKM). GBK management took several policies that were implemented during PPKM, including:

1. The opening and closing hours of the GBK area gate (Pintu 5) start at 05.00 WIB to 21.00 WIB.
2. Retail is open until 21.00 WIB with a dine-in capacity of 50% according to the provisions.
3. The ring road area of ​​the GBK Main Stadium is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
4. The GBK Main Stadium Ring Road area is only intended for pedestrians without equipment (for example bicycles, skateboards, segways, scooters, and / or strollers).
5. Visitors who are less than 9 years old and pregnant women are prohibited from entering the GBK area. All visitors must comply with and implement applicable health protocols. If there are complications, then GBK will immediately take firm action.
In addition, GBK Management has also made several appeals related to Health Protocols which have been published through various media, both printed and electronic. It is hoped that the policies taken by the GBK Management can be understood by all levels of society. In addition, public participation and awareness are very influential in efforts to break the chain of spreading the Covid-19 pandemic.