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GBK cooperates with PT. The Suara Kebja Radio that houses Trax FM Radio holds an entertainment program for millennials entitled, "Traxkustik All Stars 2019". This young people's music creation event was held on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at Plaza Sudirman GBK.

Traxkustik All Stars 2019 featured a series of capital artists including: The Greenhouse Effect, Reality Club, HiVi, Vintonic, Souljah, Mocca, Mr. Thirteen and MLD Jazz Project 4, which delivered their hits. The visitors can visit this event without being charged or free and meet directly with the Trax FM Radio broadcasters or known as Trax Troopers who directly guide the event. In addition, the sponsoring booths present a variety of exciting activities and various souvenirs that can be taken home.