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Founded more than 57 years ago, the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) area remains a special sports venue because in addition to some venues being included in cultural heritage buildings, the GBK venue is also multifunctional. The GBK area is also easy to reach by the public with various modes of transportation and is open to the public. This attraction is a magnet for the people of the capital to hold a variety of activities, both sports, social, political, cultural, and recreational.

Sports activities have now become one of the lifestyles of the capital community which certainly can be done in the GBK area. To facilitate the public in sports, GBK is now equipped with venue booking facilities through e-booking and other public facilities for free. One of the favorite places that people use to exercise is the GBK Main Stadium which is an icon of the GBK area. Every day, people use the ring road GBK Main Stadium for running, walking and cycling. In addition, several choices of fitness sports can also be done at sport outlets such as Empire Fit Club or Rocca Space. The community can also take advantage of the jogging track around the GBK Main Stadium for running and cycling. Under the auspices of the trees and branches that hung down, presenting a different exercise experience. Some people can also use certain lanes for special sports such as rollerblading on the Ramayana Lane or Door Gate 3.

Various choices of people to exercise, make GBK always filled with people both in the morning, evening to night, even more so at the time of the weekend. Retail and cafes also complement the existing facilities at GBK. Making the atmosphere of the GBK region more colorful, warm and friendly.