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Technological progress continues to develop and its impact can be felt directly by the community. Taking advantage of this technological sophistication, GBK management continues to strive to improve services to the community. One of the service improvements is to make a new breakthrough, namely by developing the biometrics membership technology at the GBK Aquatic Stadium.

Biometrics Membership began to be tested on December 17, 2018. Biometrics membership is a membership system to make it easier for people to access facilities at the GBK Aquatic Stadium by using body parts, namely the thumb as an identity or authentication tool. By using this system, customers who have become members can directly put their fingerprints on the biometrics device and the entrances to the Aquatic Stadium pool area and take advantage of the facilities therein. Since February 2020, GBK Management has implemented and developed a biometrics membership system, namely by using a face scanner sensor that is integrated with the turnstile gate, with this system customers do not need to touch any equipment to enter the Aquatic Stadium pool area.

When the Covid pandemic hits, this new system is very helpful to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus because customers do not need to touch the device, but only identify faces through a device that is directly connected to the turnstile gate and after receiving confirmation this system can immediately open the door automatically. With the development of this system, it can make it easier to manage membership and use of facilities at the GBK Aquatic Stadium.