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The Bung Karno Sports Complex Management Center (GBK) signed a memorandum of understanding with Microsoft Indonesia to modernize Indonesia's proud sports stadium

The development of technology, especially information and communication technology in the last two decades, has pushed the economy towards a digital economy. This transformation towards a digital economy also affects business and organizational strategies, including the Bung Karno Complex Management Center (GBK) which wants to implement digital transformation in its business operational systems to remain relevant in today's digital era. To that end, PPKGB and Microsoft Indonesia (Microsoft) today signed a memorandum of understanding (Memorandum of Understanding - MoU) to modernize Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) with the ambition of making it a reference for sports and e-sports facilities in Asia.

As the world's leading technology company, Microsoft always has a vision to empower everyone and every organization in the world to achieve more, including in the sports industry. "One of the pillars in digital transformation is the formation of a new operational system that enables the collection, processing and analysis of data that makes the work system more effective and efficient. With our experience during 23 years in Indonesia, we are proud to be a strategic partner of GBK in the course of its digital transformation in the current digitalization era so that it can become a reference for sports and e-sports facilities at the Asian level. Through various cloud computing based technology solutions that we have, we are confident that we can help GBK provide a different exercise experience for each stakeholder, "said Haris Izmee, President Director of Microsoft Indonesia.

The GBK area is a very valuable National Heritage, so GBK Management strives to maintain it in accordance with the vision and aspirations of the initiator of GBK which in its development appears and has an important and multifunctional role that can be used by all levels of society. The implementation of these commitments is implemented through the support of every activity in the GBK region in sports, arts, culture, social and politics. "Technology is indeed nothing new for us. But embracing technology as a driver for business growth will be a new thing for us, especially in implementing a new business model that is sustainable and becomes more relevant to Indonesia's young generation. We want to leave the National Heritage, for the future of Indonesia, "said Winarto, Managing Director of GBK.

The application of this technology starts with the most basic and crucial thing, namely building an integrated IT infrastructure system and using data as a basis for decision making. The Managing Director of GBK said, "GBK must be the standard of our success in preparing sports facilities and events that are modern, integrated and have a high level of security. Realizing that technology plays an important role in this success, we are working with Microsoft to build an information technology infrastructure that will make it easier for us to transform products and operational activities. Integration of consumer services and operational activities is a top priority for GBK this year to achieve GBK 4.0. relevant in the midst of intense competition in the digital era today. "

Transforming the sports industry is not new to Microsoft. Microsoft has helped many similar companies to use advanced technology to transform the operational systems of existing sports clubs in the world, their players, and other supporting industries.

"We believe that product and service transformation will be the key for every business and organization to survive and remain competitive. We are proud to be part of GBK's transformation and hope that this collaboration can run smoothly and later GBK can be a sports facility that can be proud of not only in the Asian class, but also in the world class later, "concluded Haris.