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Ministry State Secretary ministry was determined to be more progressive and continue to make innovations in building institutions towards Smart Government or Government institutions working smartly. Some of the innovations undertaken by the Ministry of the Secretariat include simplification of how things work, e-government, human resource development, environmental preservation and other innovations.

Ministry State Secretary of the Ministry of Innovation Appreciation conducting state secretary as a token of appreciation for the Unit in the Ministry of the Secretariat of State who have managed to create new innovations. Category awards for innovation in question include services, maintenance of the environment, human resource development, culture and innovation facilitator.

In connection with the above, the Management Center for Management of Complex Gelora Bung Karno (PPKGBK) managed to put PPKGBK on the ranking of the First and Fourth to the category of Environmental Conservation (City Forest GBK Returns Pedestrian GBK), ranked second in the category of Service (LoveGBK), and Ranked Fifth for the category of Culture (People's Party). The award is given directly by the State Secretary to the Management of the Ministry Kridabakti PPKGBK Building Secretariat (6 / 2).