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The Selection Committee for Advertising Partners (PPMPR) in the Bung Karno Sports Center Complex Management Center (PPKGBK) opens opportunities for companies engaged in Advertising Services who are interested and meet the requirements to participate in the 2021 Billboard Organizer Partner Selection process in the Central Sports Arena Complex Management Area. Bung Karno:

Candidate Requirements:

  1. Companies engaged in advertising services, have no outstanding obligations to PPKGBK or are not blacklisted by PPKGBK;
  2. Have registered and taken election documents in the form of RKS and other information;
  3. Complete administrative requirements documents in the form of:
    • Fill out the election participant form;
    • Photocopy of the deed of establishment of the company and or amendments that have been ratified by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia and recorded in the state gazette;
    • Photocopy of a valid Trading Business Permit in the Advertising Services sub-sector;
    • Copy of valid domicile letter:
    • Photocopy of valid Company Registration Certificate;
    • Photocopy of Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP);
    • Photocopy of proof of having paid the last year's annual tax obligations;
    • Photocopy of proof of having paid monthly VAT and PPh reports for at least the last 3 (three) months;
    • Statement Letter of Ability to enter the Value of the Price Offer Letter (SPH) greater than or equal to the Limit Value (sufficient stamped);
    • Statement Letter of having good performance, not included in the black list/sanction list in an agency (sufficient stamped);
    • A statement of the truth of the document (sufficient stamped) stating that all the data provided is correct and if it is later found that the data in the document provided is incorrect and/or violates the existing regulations, they are willing to be subject to sanctions in accordance with applicable regulations.

4. Submit an offer security deposit of Rp. 100.000.000, - (one hundred million rupiah) for each package selected, and deposit it at Bank Mandiri Branch Ratu Plasa No. Account in the name of RPL 018 PPK GBK FOR OPERATIONS 02. The deposit statement is written “Bid Guarantee in the Context of Auction Point of Advertisement Package A/B/C/D (according to the selected package) in the PPKGBK area”;

5. The bid security deposit as mentioned in number 4 point 4 above, must have been received by the PPKGBK Central Cash or PPKGBK account no later than 1 (one) working day before submitting the Bid Documents. The proof of deposit or transfer must be verified and validated from the PPKGBK Central Treasury.

Registration and Document Retrieval:

  • Fill out the registration form online by completing:
    • Company profile (company profile), and
    • Scan of Power of Attorney with sufficient stamp duty signed by the Director/Company Leader and stamped by the company).
  • Election Participants can register and obtain a Work Plan and Conditions (RKS) document online through
  • Registration and collection of RKS documents is done at:
    • Day: Wednesday to Tuesday
    • Date : 15 – 21 September 2021

Advertising Point Packages

The object of selection is the Advertisement Point Package in the PPKGBK area which is stipulated by a Decree of the PPKGBK President Director, as follows: