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Bung Karno's Management of Gelora repaired damaged public facilities in the GBK area after the student demonstrations that occurred on Monday, September 24 2019. A number of damages were seen in several locations adjacent to the Youth Gateway and Asia Africa Road. GBK employees, janitors, security, gardening, and self-management together make improvements.
Some repairs have been started since Tuesday, August 25 2019, among others, repairing the fence that collapsed on ABC Field by welding. The replacement of the Ground Water Tank (GWT) pipe, which was previously affected by fire, has also been replaced. 1 Door Signals, 10 GBK Doors and some walls affected by vandalism have begun to be cleaned and repainted. Plants on the outer edge of the fence have largely been reorganized.
Not only public facilities were damaged, but the garbage left after the student demonstrations was also scattered a lot. In addition, repairs to the guard post at Pintu 10 and the replacement of signage and damaged bins will be carried out simultaneously.
GBK Management places great importance on restoring the function and aesthetics of public facilities in the GBK Region for the sake of creating convenience for visitors and users of the GBK Region.