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The President of the Republic of Indonesia inaugurated the 6 venue in the Bung Karno Sports Complex (2 / 12). This renovation was carried out in order to support the holding of the 2018 Asian Games. The 6 venue was inaugurated, namely Hockey Field, Archery Field, A / B / C Football Field, and Bung Karno Aquatic Gelora Stadium. During the inauguration of the venue of GBK, the President of the Republic of Indonesia was accompanied by the Minister of Public Works and Public Housing, Minister of Finance, Minister of Youth and Sports, Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta and General Chair of INASGOC. Among the inaugurated 6 venues, one of them was a cultural heritage object, the Aquatic Stadium, therefore the renovations carried out must meet the preservation rules of cultural heritage buildings. The series of inauguration events began with the signing of an inscription on the 5 sports venue namely Hockey Field, Archery Field, A / B / C Football Field. The President and his entourage also took the time to try to play hockey sports at Hockey Field, take a picture together with the Garuda National Team, review the Archery Field and end with the signing of the Aquatic GBK Stadium inscription. At the Aquatic Stadium, the President and the invited guests were treated to several attractions carried out by swimming athletes, some of whom were medalists at the Asian Games event which featured Beautiful jumping abilities, artistic swimming and fast crossing swimming.