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Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) entered an age that was no longer young. The 2018 year is a special year for GBK because the GBK Anniversary is between 2, the highest sports event in Asia, namely the XVIII Asian Games held on 18 August to 2 September 2018, and the Asian Para Games III to be held on 6 to 13 October 2018. While the 56 GBK Anniversary falls on 24 September 2018.

The 56 GBK Anniversary activity was held in three events. The first agenda coincided with the date of the fall of GBK's birthday, namely 24 September 2018 with a surprise gift giving to all GBK employees. Funwalk agenda with all GBK employees on September 28, and the last agenda is GBK's internal team building program which is planned to be held on 19 October 2018.

The funwalk agenda begins with the gathering of GBK Employees and invited guests at 6 GBK Doors, followed by the Pekik Semarakah 2018 Spirit of Enthusiasm. This activity aims to spread the flames of Asian Para Games, the spirit of Indonesia's great people, the spirit of those who are capable of achieving with all the limitations they have (the disabled) in the 2018 Asian Para Games which will soon be held at GBK.

The event continued with GBK Synergizing through flash mob activities carried out by dancers and all GBK employees accompanied by the official song of the Asian Para Games 2018 and closed with the presence of honored guests from the disabilities who were present carrying the spirit and banner of the 56 GBK Anniversary. Funwalk by passing Plaza Bung Karno to Play Couldron and end at the GBK Main Stadium Press Conference Room. Here the commemoration of the 56 GBK Anniversary, entitled, "56 Year GBK Enlivens the 2018 Asian Para Games", was held. Beginning with the Message from the President Director of GBK, remarks from the Secretary of the Ministry of State Secretariat and remarks from one of the Speakers and Deaf, Ilham Ahmad. By using sign language, introducing himself, sharing his experience as a diffable athlete and explaining his impression of the new GBK, "the new GBK is friendly to people with disabilities, not as difficult as before access to disabilities", said Ilham Ahmad in sign language.

One of the participants with visual impairment, Permas Alamsyah, had the opportunity to show off playing drums in front of all employees and invited guests, until the Secretary of the Ministry of State Secretariat and Director of Business Development and Development of GBK accompanied and presented a song. The event was closed by cutting the tumpeng as a symbol as well as gratitude in commemoration of GBK's birthday which was 56 years old.