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The 2018 Asian Games Committee (INASGOC) is ready to hold trial tournaments in a number of sports in 2017, or a year ahead of the holding of the four-year sports event in Jakarta and Palembang.

"One of our focuses for next year is holding a test event around October, as well as conducting socialization to the public," said INASGOC Deputy Chairman Muddai Madang in Jakarta, Wednesday (21/12/2016).

As many as 10 sports are expected to hold trial tournaments in 2017 at venues that will host the 2018 Asian Games. However, it does not rule out the possibility of holding trials of more than 10 sports.

Previously, the "test event" for the 2018 Asian Games arena, said Muddai, was the Asian Youth Games. However, due to limited funds, INASGOC proposed a simplification of the trial tournament and was approved by the Asian Olympic Council (OCA).

"If you hold the Asian Youth Games, the costs are certainly very large because it is similar to a sports party," he said.

A sport that will certainly hold the tournament international trials among archery, badminton, martial arts, taekwondo, athletics and weightlifting. Tournament venues for the trial is expected to be ready in time.

"So far, the process of building or renovating infrastructure for the 2018 Asian Games is still on time, but it is rather strict. We hope that there will be no technical errors that could delay the completion, ”said Muddai.

Muddai also recognizes the limited funds made socialization of the 18th Asian Games at home and abroad is not optimal.

Supposedly today echoes the Asian Games is already intense. Including the dissemination abroad, especially in countries participating Asian Games.

"In 2017, we will intensify the socialization of the Asian Games, including abroad, in collaboration with our embassies in various Asian countries," he said. (Ant)